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2020 CTAV Paratransit (Statewide) Roadeo




About the Competition
The Virginia Community Transportation Roadeo is the only Virginia venue to honor and celebrate the value of rural and community transit operators, the backbone of the Community Transportation industry.

This exciting event draws drivers from around the Commonwealth to compete for top scores on course that tests skills on every level of the drivers’ abilities, with a primary focus on safe operations and passenger sensitivity.

Roadeo Competition Divisions

There are two divisions for the Roadeo, both compete against other operators in their division. There are Safety Quiz, Pre-Trip Inspection, and Wheelchair Securement portions of both divisions:

Body on Chassis


Elements of the Competition (Applies to both divisions)

1. Written Test
Pre-Trip Inspection
3. Wheelchair-Securement Exercise
4.Obstacle Course


Roadeo Organization

• Organizations can register no more than three drivers per division.
• Organizations can register up to a maximum of six drivers to compete in the Roadeo.

Eligibility Requirements

To compete in the (CTAV) Virginia Paratransit Roadeo, you must:
  Have been a paid or volunteer driver engaged in demand-response or regular route service in the last year
•  Have explicit consent from your supervisor to compete prior to registration.
•  First place winners in each division will advance to the CTAA National Roadeo of the same year.
•  CTAV will cover limited travel costs to the National Roadeo for advancing competitors of the Virginia Paratransit Roadeo.
•  Previous eligibility requirements to participate in the CTAA National Roadeo are outlined below.

Be sure to check with CTAA for the most current rules and guidelines.

To be eligible to compete in the CTAA National Paratransit Roadeo
•  Have been a paid or volunteer driver engaged in demand-response or regular route service in the last year
•  Have not had a chargeable (avoidable) accident in the last year
  Have not had a suspension from duties or any disciplinary action in the last year
  Have not had more than 3 un-authorized absences in the last year
•  NOT be a supervisor spending less than 50% of your time transporting passengers.